Drain Armor

Drain Armor - Sink Strainer Drain Lock

Drain Armor is a locking strainer designed to protect your compartment sink or kitchen sink!   It’s 3 ½” in diameter which is the standard size for almost all sinks and is compatible with existing lever drains and twist waste valves, so it’s really a one size fits all product.  

Drain security:  We provide a torx bit for quick and easy installation.  Simply pop the Drain Armor in the sink drain, and tighten the security bolt on the top with a ratcheting screwdriver.  The unit expands to tighten, and becomes virtually impossible to pop out.  To take out simple loosen the bolt on top with the torx bit.  

Key Features

Why does every restaurant and commercial kitchen need Drain Armor?

Most sinks come with a strainer, but over time these strainers either break or get lost.  It’s very important to have a sink drain strainer to keep items like forks, knives, bottle caps, and large food scraps from going down the drain and causing damage to your pipes and plumbing system.  Drain Armor also protects the lever drain gasket which is a costly repair.  

Restaurant owners, Managers and Facility staff love Drain Armor because it is one less problem they have to worry about.  Drain Armor is the perfect, permanent locking strainer for your commercial sink.

How to Prevent Rental Property Sink Clogs

A frequent maintenance issues rental property management faces is clogged sinks.  This is true for both vacation rental properties and long term rental properties.  Determining who is responsible for paying the repair is often a contentious debate. 

Drain Armor can help prevent this problem because it fits almost all residential sinks!  It is common practice in Europe to have a metal crossbar in the sink drains to prevent large items from going down the drain.  For whatever reason this has not caught in the US yet.  Now you have a simple retrofit solution to protect the sink drain.  This can also help prolong the life of your garbage disposal!